Global Co-location Partnership with Bitco, INC.
Host Your Miners Close to Home, Wherever That May Be!

At Bitco, INC., we understand the diverse needs of our global clientele. To ensure that you get the most out of your cryptocurrency miners, we’re proud to introduce our Global Co-location Partnership.

What is Co-location?

Co-location allows you to host your cryptocurrency miners in specialized centers designed to optimize their performance. These centers provide the ideal environment for your miners, ensuring they run efficiently, securely, and with minimal downtime.

Why Choose Bitco, INC.’s Co-location Service?
  1. Global Reach: We’ve partnered with co-location centers across continents, ensuring you can host your miners closer to your location.
  2. Cost-Efficient: We believe in maximizing your returns. That’s why we offer this service free of cost to our customers.
  3. Reliability: While we don’t have co-location centers on our panel, we ensure that upon your request, we select the most reliable and cost-effective center for your needs.
  4. Flexibility: You can either let us choose the best co-location center for you or select one from our comprehensive list available on our information page.
How It Works:
  1. Request: Let us know you’re interested in co-location, and specify your preferred region if you have one.
  2. Selection: We’ll identify the best co-location centers based on your needs and provide you with options.
  3. Forwarding: Once a center is selected, we’ll forward you to them to finalize the hosting details.
  4. Peace of Mind: With your miners hosted in a professional environment, you can relax knowing they’re in good hands.

Join the Bitco, INC. family and enjoy seamless, global hosting solutions for your cryptocurrency miners!